Exhibition “Changes” Halle 14 – Leipzig

As the 10 year anniversary of September 11, 2001 approaches, Halle 14, an exhibition space in Leipzig, Germany, presents “Changes”, a look at how artists responded to the events of that day and how their artistic approach changed over time. On view will be selections from Purple Hearts, Marine Wedding, Homeland, and black and white work I’ve recently unearthed from Sept/Oct 2001. Curator Frank Motz has assembled an interesting group of photographers, filmmakers, installation and video artists: Harun Farocki, Christoph Faulhaber, Shahab Fotouhi, Thomas Hoepker, Robert Longo, Elke Marhöfer, Helmut Smits, Wolfgang Staehle. All photos ©Nina Berman 2001

Wa Photography Auction – Japan tsunami/earthquake/radiation

There are a lot of great photography auctions underway to help the people of Japan during this time of singular catastrophe. To someone in need, a little bit can feel like a lot, so photography lovers, please buy art for your home, or as a gift, and in the process make a contribution. I am auctioning this print at the Wa Photography Auction benefit Thursday night in New York City. 100% of all funds will go to Architecture for Humanity.
Near Immokalee, ©Nina Berman 2011

Fracking in Pennsylvania, a first look

I’ve been spending some time the last few months in Pennsylvania looking at the fracking industry (natural gas extraction) and its impact on rural life there. The rush to drill down and explode the ground in pursuit of energy is radically reshaping the landscape and the political and social structure. For some, it’s an economic windfall. For others, a personal nightmare. There are many important issues of public and private space, clean water, clean air, affordable housing, government accountability (or lack there of). In my few visits I’ve encountered some extraordinary and dedicated people. Photographically, I am just beginning, but hope to work in the region for the rest of this year if not longer. For a quick read on the issue, see my piece published in AlterNet. All photos ©Nina Berman 2011. For information contact NOOR images.

Images from the abortion front

As the US government is ground to a halt over the abortion drama, I offer these images shot during my 20 years of watching the right to life. Yes, a priest, one of the twins, Robert or Paul Schenck — did thrust a stillborn fetus in the face of photographers. Buffalo, 1992, Operation Rescue, “Spring of Life.” He used to carry it in his pocket and once tossed it at Bill Clinton. And yes, that is a pro life demonstrator with home made fetus grenades. The red gun with the baby barrel was a nice touch. Washington DC, 1995. The photograph was meant to run as a spread in Time Magazine but lawyers nixed it claiming that it painted the right to life movement with a terrorist tinge. Oh, and the figure under the umbrella, she’s the one causing all the trouble. That’s a woman seeking health care. The fundamentalists are flexing their muscles, so take heed, as abortion and women’s health care are just two of many issues on their hit list. ©All photos Nina Berman/NOOR

Aperture Panel – Walls and Bridges – April 11, 2011

I will be participating in a round table discussion on the subject of “Engagement” organized by Walls and Bridges and Aperture. Also speaking will be Miguel Benasayag, Didier Fassin, and George Packer, three very smart men. For more information on the event, or to attend, (it’s free) please go to the Aperture or Walls and Bridges site. It would be wonderful to see photographers and women in the audience. Aperture 547 West 27 St, 4 Floor (btwn 10th & 11th Aves), New York City 6:30 pm.