Newsweek: As I Lay Dying

Newsweek’s Tina Brown announced this week that the print version of the magazine would end. I’m sorry for the people who will lose their jobs, but I don’t think the magazine, in its present state, will be terribly missed. It’s a long way since the glory days when Newsweek was known for fresh reporting and photography. I was lucky enough to work for the publication back then under amazing photo editors including: Jim Colton, Guy Cooper, John Whelan, John Filo, Sarah Harbutt, Elizabeth Gallin, Jesse DeWitt, and the list goes on and on. I met the amazing writer Carla Power there. I have huge gratitude to the old Newsweek for giving me my start and sending me around the world. Below are some nostalgic offerings.

One thought on “Newsweek: As I Lay Dying”

  1. Well said, Nina. I was a contract photographer for them for 4 years, thanks to Jim Colton.
    During that time, they sent me to Cuba for a month and gave me the swellest assignment of anything—spend 4 days photographing Richard Avedon. They certainly did right by you, too,
    Nina, and many many other photographers. And the people who worked there and work there still, at least for now, are top drawer kinds of folks….truly classy, very nice, hardworking journalists of all natures. It’s too bad but it’s not surprising. I thought Tina Brown might bring it out of the shadows but it seems she has tried something in the US that might work in England but not here. And thus, added to its demise.

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