The Long Road from Selma to Ferguson at the Monroe Gallery of Photography

The Monroe Gallery of Photography’s summer exhibition July 3 – September 27, will show images from Selma to Ferguson,  a visual history of the struggle for racial equality over the last 50 years.    I’m grateful to Sid Monroe,  one of the kindest,  most dedicated champions of photography,  for including two of my photographs about the Eric Garner killing in this exhibition.   If you’re in Santa Fe this summer,  stop in and see the history.  Justice for Eric Garner MarchBEN_2014_8_23_Garner_005

Photos ©Nina Berman 2014,  All Rights Reserved

Za’atari Project at the Hamburg Triennale of Photography


NOOR’s Za’atari project will be shown at the Hamburg Triennale of Photography opening June 19 through  June 28, 2015.   Thank you to Sam Barzilay of United Photo Industries for taking the project on the road.

Photo ©Nina Berman 2014