Unloaded Exhibition at Northern Illinois University – August 25

Curator Susanne Slavick’s Unloaded Exhibition opens August 25 – October 24 at Northern Illinois University bringing together work by 20 multi media artists on the subject of gun ownership in the USA. Three of my photographs are included.

For more information on the exhibition and issue follow the Unloaded facebook page

Artists include Susanne Slavick, Lauren F. Adams, Joshua Bienko, Casey Li Brander, Anthony Cervino, Mel Chin, Cathy Colman, DADPRANKS (Lauren Goshinski, Kate Hansen, Isla Hansen, Elina Malkin, Nina Sarnelle and Laura A. Warman), James Duesing, Jessica Fenlon, Vanessa German, Jinshan, Andrew Ellis Johnson, Jennifer Nagle Myers, Adrian Piper, Don Porcella, Devan Shimoyama, Renee Stout and Stephanie Syjuco.

My gun, my right - Come and Take it

Come and Take it Rally, San Antonio, Texas 2013
©Nina Berman, 2013, All Rights Reserved

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