Portland Art Museum Exhibition opening October 18

The Portland Art Museum’s exhibition “Blue Sky at 40” opens today showing 120 works that have been exhibited at the Blue Sky Gallery, also known as the Oregon Center for Photographic Arts. Blue Sky, founded by Christopher Rauschenberg, is a creative, nurturing institution and an essential resource for documentary photographers and educators. Happy birthday Blue Sky!TysonJohnson02a

This image Tyson Johnson III, 2004 from the Purple Hearts series, is part of the exhibition. I’m very grateful to the Portland Art Museum for continuing to show this image – this will be the 3rd time the print has been on display since the Museum acquired it in 2005. The exhibition runs through January 11, 2015.

The Sensory War 1914 – 2014

If you’re in Manchester, UK,   don’t miss the opening on Saturday October 11 of a major exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery  which explores “how artists have communicated the impact of military conflict on the body, mind, environment and human senses between 1914 and 2014. ”

The exhibition brings together works by the German painter and printer maker Otto Dix, sculptor and video artist  Richard Serra,  filmmaker Omer Fast,  painter Nancy Spero,  and photographers Simon Norfolk and Richard Mosse and many more.

The exhibition is on view through February 2015.

I’m very pleased that the Marine Wedding portrait is included in the exhibition. Marine Wedding