May 2021 events

©Nina Berman 2021

Riga Photomonth
Photographers in the Age of Catastrophe
May 31, 2021
Live Event: 1pm EDT 7pm CET

Please join me for what promises to be a lively conversation about photography, activism and resisting authoritarianism moderated by Karolina Gembara (Archive of Public Protests, Poland) with Tanvi Mishra (Caravan Magazine, India), and Shiraz Grinbaum (Activestills collective, Israel)
We’ll be on FB Live – link here

Musée de la Photographie
Group Exhibition: NOOR/Pulse
Curated by Charlotte Doyen and Adeline Rossion
Opening May 29, 2021
Charleroi, Belgium

©Nina Berman, 2016

January – March 2021

©Nina Berman, 2021

I photographed the Jan 6 insurrection in Washington D.C. and later wrote about what I saw along with my Columbia University colleague Ishaan Jhaveri.
Read about it on

At the January 6 “Save America” rally, and the subsequent violent storming of the Capitol, Donald Trump followers telegraphed their ideologies through a variety of familiar and unfamiliar flags and logos. Some of these, particularly many well-known right-wing symbols and groups including the Three Percenters, the Oath Keepers, the Gadsden Flag, and 2nd Amendment references, have already been chronicled by other journalists, so there is no need to delve into every symbol photographed at the Capitol. However, after scanning over a thousand photographs and hours of video from the event, we identified characteristics unique to the event, distinct from its antecedents, that were evidenced by the presence of some specific symbols. Read more….

Many thanks to National Geographic for putting me on their team covering the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris inauguration in Washington D.C. You can see more pictures here.

In February, I had the immense pleasure of participating in Fast Forward’s Women in Photography instagram series. I spoke with Brazilian artist Marilene Ribeiro on IG live about political subversion, visual activism, and supporting our community of photographers.

May – June 2020 Events/Publications


Re-imagining the Future of Visual Journalism with Nina Berman, Brian Palmer, and Bayeté Ross Smith moderated by Fred Ritchin
June 24, 2020 

Focus on the Story
The photo festival normally held in Washington DC moved online during the pandemic. Here is an interview about my career and also the
Live Zoom June 5, 2020

Chatting the Pictures:
Conversations with Michael Shaw and Cara Finnegan on news image coverage of Covid 19. May 31, 2020


Document Journal,  “The blurred faces—and ethics—of protest photography,” By Alex Hodor-Lee,  Photos: Nina Berman,  June 23, 2020

Libération .”Son seul crime, c’était d’être né noir”  Text: Isabelle Hanne, Photos Nina Berman, June 20, 2020

Economist, “Supremacist Safari,” June 13, 2020

Poynter, “Photographers are being called on to stop showing protesters’ faces. Should they?” Text: Eliana Miller and Nicole Asbury, June 4, 2020 (Quoted)

Nieman Lab, “Viz Pol takes a cue from Bird Watching apps….,” By Sarah Scire, June 3, 2020

Newsweek Japan,  “Dispatch from the Epicenter,”  Photos and Text, Nina Berman,  May 26, 2020

February – March 2020 News/Events

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©Nina Berman

November – December 2019 Events – News

Acknowledgment Of Danger
Passaic River, New Jersey. Photo Nina Berman, 2016 From the series “Acknowledgment of Danger”



Bronx Documentary Center
Panel Discussion: Conversations on Conflict Photography with Dr. Lauren Walsh
December 7, 2019 @ 6pm



University of Michigan
Whose Streets, Our Streets?
Women’s Studies Department
Institute for Research on Women and Gender
Exhibition closes December 13
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Susquehanna Art Museum
Aftermath:  War is Only Half the Story . (Series: Acknowledgment of Danger)
October 12, 2019 – January 19, 2020
Harrisburg, PA



My work appears in the following recently published books:

A World History of Photography,  5th Edition
By Naomi Rosenblum
Abbeville Press, 2019

Conversations On Conflict Photography
By Lauren Walsh
Bloomsbury, 2019

Documentary Photography Reconsidered
History, Theory and Practice
By Michelle Bogre
Bloomsbury, 2019



Extended Photo Caption:

The Joseph Carmine de Jessa Memorial Bridge over the Passaic River connects the towns of Lyndhurst and Nutley, New Jersey. The bridge is named after a 19 year old US Marine who died from a mortar attack while deployed as a rifleman in Quang Tri, Vietnam, 1967. The bridge spans a part of the river contaminated with dioxin from Vietnam War era Agent Orange production. During the 1960’s the Diamond Alkali Co. plant in Newark, NJ, produced Agent Orange for the US military and then dumped the surplus into the Passaic River where it settled into the riverbed stretching from Newark to Lyndhurst. The dioxin contaminated the fish and contributes to the River’s designation as a superfund site. Clean up of the dioxin and other pollutants are estimated at well over $1 billion. The bridge is in a state of disrepair and slated for eventual replacement.

September – October 2019 Events

I am participating in the following events in September/October


University of Michigan -Lane Hall
Group Exhibition: Whose Streets? Our Streets!
Institute for Research on Women and Gender
Ann Arbor, Michigan
September 3 – December 13, 2019

Group Exhibition: Living in History
Santa Fe,  New Mexico
July 5 – September 22, 2019


Panel: Nina Berman, Mary O’Shea, Maria Salazar Ferro, Carlton Daniel “Danny” Spriggs, Ryan Christopher Jones
St Anns Warehouse
September 22, 2019 . 5-6pm
Brooklyn, NY
Photoville 2019 – Conversations in Conflict Photography
Panel discussion with Lauren Walsh, Maryanne Golon and Spencer Platt:
Conversations in Conflict Photography
St.Ann’s Warehouse
September 15, 2019 . 12-1pm
Brooklyn, NY

NYC Media Lab/’19
Demo: Political Visual Literacy Project
September 26, 2019
New York City College of Technology (CUNY) & NYU Tandon School of Engineering MakerSpace

May- June Events/Exhibitions



An Autobiography of Miss Wish

May 3,  I’ll be talking about “An autobiography of Miss Wish at the  2nd Biennial Reva & David Logan Photo Book Symposium  in Berkeley, California.  Register for tickets and also hear from photographers/authors  Janet Delaney, Larry Fink, Jeff Mermelstein and more.

May 25,  I’ll be giving an artist lecture at the Doc Festival in Norway which has a fantastic line up this year  including  Fred Ramos, Shahidul Alam and Rineke Dijkstra.

May 29 – June 16 –  An exhibition of An autobiography of Miss Wish will open  at Image Singulieres in Sete, France.  This will include original letters, and drawings as well as prints and a two channel video.   I’ll be at the festival from May 29 – June 2 along with my colleagues at NOOR. 

Miss Wish covear




January/February 2019 Events

Artist Lecture January 24 – 25,   Women in Focus:  Documentary and Citizenship Conference  sponsored by the University of South Wales,  Cardiff,  The National Museum of Wales and the European Centre for Documentary Research.    Many thanks to photographer and educator Lisa Barnard for the invitation.


Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 9.14.56 AM


Exhibition February 1, 2019 Walled off: The Politics of Containment,  Founders Gallery at the Military Museums in Calgary, Canada.  The NOOR Za’atari project, which I produced with NOOR photographers Stanley Greene, Andrea Bruce and Alixandra Fazzina, is on display through May 20, 2019.    Many thanks to Curator and Professor Dona Schwartz for including the work.


Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 9.16.03 AM.png


October Events/Exhibitions

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 4.36.35 PM.png

I’ll be speaking October 12 at the Power of Storytelling Conference in Bucharest, Romania.  Check out the line-up.

And October 17 I’l be at New York University with photographers Ruddy Roye and Lola Flash as part of Social Documentary Network’s 10th anniversary program.
Documenting Diversity:  Staying Woke and Making Pictures

My work will be in two exhibitions this month.

October 5 – January  13
Everyday Climate Change
Natural History Museum in Verona, Italy

Read the recent UN report  on what we’re facing if our leaders continue on this path to destruction


Opening October 11 – November 2
Whose Streets?  Our Streets!
Harris Gallery at Rochester Institute of Technology
which is a look back on protest movements in New York City and includes many of my
favorite photographers


September events 2018

Gallery Nova
An autobiography of Miss Wish
September 13 – September 28, 2018
Zagreb, Croatia


I’m exhibiting work in September  from An autobiography of Miss Wish as part of the Organ Vida photography festival.   The exhibition  at Gallery NOVA , a non-commercial, experimental art space,  includes original objects, drawings and personal items from Kimberly (Miss Wish) along with images and videos, some of them shot this summer.  Thanks to the brilliant Croatian curator Marina Paulenka for embracing the work and offering her vision and insight.   The videos – my first foray into multi channel projections –  were edited with Elyse Blennerhassett, a talented sound artist based in Brooklyn.

Museum of Broken Windows
September 22 – September 30, 2018
9 West 8th Street, NY, NY


I’m delighted to be contributing two pictures as part of this pop up show highlighting the NYPD’s failed policing strategy from Stop and Frisk to more lethal forms of police violence.  Thanks to the New York Civil Liberties Union for leading the way.

“The Museum of Broken Windows is a pop-up experience in New York City, which features the work of artists from around the country. The Museum showcases the ineffectiveness of broken windows policing, which criminalizes our most vulnerable communities. The strategy of broken windows policing is outdated and has never been proven to be effective at reducing crime. For decades, communities of color have been disproportionately impacted by broken windows policing.”

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